Tuesday Thoughts

i remember the beginning the chase, the build-up, the desire the first awkward moments when you are too shy and nervous starring into those pretty blue eyes watching how they look at you how they smile at you just its expression to melt into that emotion Advertisements


Thursday Thoughts

Quote I really enjoyed: “ If it’s something you’re really passionate about , you’ll find a way to make it work In that moment, I realised I did have a choice. My life wasn’t something that happened without my input. I guided my life where I wanted it to go. There were two paths stretchedContinue reading “Thursday Thoughts”

Tuesday Thoughts

i don’t think you should ever have to compromise your happiness i decided to do what I always did at work when i had to make a critical decision but the main choice was not immediately clear: i weighed the pros and cons i think it would’ve sucked more to never know though. to alwaysContinue reading “Tuesday Thoughts”

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