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Tuesday Thoughts


life is about finding a purpose
and things in life have to be built by people to create the purpose
always strive to do something with your life that has a real purpose
because otherwise what is the point in existence if you are not contributing?
it would drive me insane if i lived like that, without a purpose
because i think that is the purpose of life,
finding a goal, an ambition to work towards something every time
a goal is completed.

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Road Trip: Glenveagh

Every time I am here I will always be seen taking pictures of its beautiful scenery!

Glenveagh is a pretty place, whether you are viewing it for walking, cycling or going for a stroll.

It’s a great place for taking pictures, whether you are posing or for sight-seeing as well.

I have yet to cycle using their own cycling gear.

I find it intriguing how this place used to be someone’s home, imagine living like this with all the space and beautiful scenery. It’s one of my favourite spots to go back to, time and time again. It’s that big that I always discover something new each time I visit.

Below is a video capturing some of its beauty. Enjoy.

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Tuesday Thoughts

What do you want out of life?

I want to see the world. I want to travel and actually live the stories that are told to me throughout the novels I read. 

That novel Wild Woman’s Guide to Traveling the World has made me hungry for this desire. 

I want fun and adventure in travelling. 

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Why I Love Reading

Most of my current To Be Read pile!

One hobby that consumes most of my free time is reading.  I enjoy reading and have always been a voracious reader. 

Although I prefer reading fiction, I make a deliberate effort to read at least one non-fiction book in a couple of months. My first set of novels that got me into reading were by Jacqueline Wilson at the age of nine. 

Her novels as a child has a captivating and interesting way of drawing you in especially in the Tracey Beaker series, Girls, Hetty Feather, Candyfloss, Cookie and so fourth. These novels were so interesting and the worlds it brought me into to get lost in them as a only child at the time they were my escape to get away from everything. I enjoyed reading about my new friends that is how I have seen it as a child. 

What I truly treasure about my hobby is its power to transport me to different locations whilst I’m still on my sofa. It is a low budget travel option that I often take!  

It is wonderful how a few lines can have so many varied interpretations, and can give rise to a multitude of emotions and opinions. 

My hobby has made me develop analytical thinking and open-mindedness. Reading has also broadened my imagination across horizons. I wouldn’t possibly trade it for anything else, ever!

Any hobbies you enjoy most and why? I would love to hear your thoughts