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Book Review: Losing My Inhibitions – Finally free and ready to have fun

Plot: A year after leaving her controlling ex, Roxy’s divorce is finally official. She’s got her confidence and career back on track and is ready to start enjoying some no-strings-attached fun. But just when Roxy thinks she has her dating plan all mapped out, a hot younger single man unexpectedly appears. On paper, he soundsContinue reading “Book Review: Losing My Inhibitions – Finally free and ready to have fun”

Pros and Cons of Having Two Jobs

Last summer, when I originally wrote this post however I never got around to posting it. It was around a few weeks into having two jobs I thought this would be a great discussion! I had recently came into a full time job, was in the process of quitting my part-time job. Then accepting aContinue reading “Pros and Cons of Having Two Jobs”

How to be Organised and Complete a Task

Okay for anyone who tends to be a student, at this time of year it can be very stressful. So I hope this post is still helpful as I would have needed a little guide like this between September to March. However, when my friend asked me how do I do my assignments I thoughtContinue reading “How to be Organised and Complete a Task”

Reflecting Upon Entering 2019

Since August, owning my own beautiful and shiny white car – which is not that hard to keep as shiny and perfect as it just takes a little bit of effort. I prefer being the driver majority of the time, I find myself becoming very impatient as the passenger, driving around at all times duringContinue reading “Reflecting Upon Entering 2019”

TBR for February

So from this month onwards hopefully I will stick to doing an end of month post where I share my reading goals for the following month and hopefully I shall stick to it! In any cases where I read more they shall be surprise posts for the month! As well as my keeping up withContinue reading “TBR for February”

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