Sunday Thoughts

charming lingering looks that smirk on his face when he makes her hide her laugh as his stare makes her heart race faster he knows what he’s doing Advertisements


Sunday Thoughts

it’s funny isn’t it? how a hint of cologne makes her melt how one can forget any bad thing one has done, the songs he would always dance to and make her dance to as well endlessly driving in no direction, making us both forget about everything and in those moments we felt at easeContinue reading “Sunday Thoughts”

Thursday Thoughts

they say to respect those that hold a higher position than you. respect your elders those that employ you those that come from money those that put on accents or seem very high class as it’s an act. if you seem higher up in the pyramid of the different levels of superiority then you getContinue reading “Thursday Thoughts”

Tuesday Thoughts

life is funny at times everything happens so randomly things you plan out to do, the right path to take, the right lifestyle to not be limited in choices or settle for anything less, doing what is right when, it can be so difficult to choose between a few different paths

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