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Cucumber Snacks + Benefits

Delicious and healthy snack!

I wasn’t sure of cucumbers for the longest time. Then the idea began to appeal to me as I realised it is mainly made from water. Plus everyone goes on about the benefits of how it is great for your skin.

What else is there to cucumber?

  • Aids weight-loss / metabolism
  • Helps maintain your blood sugar level
  • Helps the liver to reduce impurities if your liver is weak then these snacks would help.
  • Good for your eye health (on that side note, apparently if you eat anything red/pink-ish for a few months it is to improve your eyesight, have yet to try that)
  • Contains Silcia which helps strengthen weakened bones which I have noticed it helping slightly with my knee, which has been far more useful than prescribed pills I have noticed recently

And many more. However those ones caught my attention. as well as keeping your face glowing and all that.

What snack do you usually go for?

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Coconut Smoothie Recipe

Glowing soft skin with a slight dash of a cucumber+coconut taste? If this sounds delicious to you read on for my recipe!

So when exploring my morning smoothies I put together the following combination which resulted in a delicious looking + smelling smoothie, I just love the colour of it too haha.

The following used:

150ml filtered water

A few berries (strawberries + grapes + blueberries)

A small tomato

A spoonful of coconut oil

A few slices of chopped cucumber 

The finished results!

A minute of using the smoothie machine later and viola a delicious looking and tasting smoothie!