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Tuesday Thoughts

television shows sometimes it can be hard to distinguish between reality and shows you may become unhappy at your life, depicting it, one aspect at a time that nothing is ever good enough, when life seems overwhelming and exciting all at once “what is going to happen now to ruin it?” is the only thoughtsContinue reading “Tuesday Thoughts”

Sunday Thoughts

confident that moment when the definition is an actual reality it’s no longer easier said than done things are becoming so right, at the right time, coming together all at once. you begin to slowly grow, it doesn’t happen all at once if it did you would not be rewarded or feel that sense ofContinue reading “Sunday Thoughts”

Thursday Thoughts

Live dangerously Live until your heart is content Those things that scare you (usually) That make your heart beat so fast but you know it you don’t do it now you will always regret it Those are the things you should do They are what make life worth living for You then have those memoriesContinue reading “Thursday Thoughts”

Race Awareness

There’s a trend going on, where people think having a blank black image post helps, I get that the sentiment is there however, like many others, if they are saying it does not help, you’ve got to ask yourself why are you doing it then? Just creating an empty feed that is not helping anyone.Continue reading “Race Awareness”

Tuesday Thoughts

travel. go see the world draw. do what you love do not care what others are saying or doing it can be so difficult to not pay attention to what everyone else is doing around you as the saying goes, your surrounding influences you you do what everyone else does or at least you doContinue reading “Tuesday Thoughts”

Thursday Thoughts

I thought I would draw a post to remind everyone about staying positive and keep doing what you’re doing to help. I’ve seen way too many cars out on my street with those that are having large parties. We shall get there some day, ❤️

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